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Garie Lewis is the best comic you probably have never heard of.


            Sheltered away in the cozy village of Sioux City, Iowa, Garie is a throwback to a time when you didn’t have to be outrageous to be funny.  He hits the stage and works the crowd like a jazz artist… calm, cool, collected and oh so smooth.  Garie doesn’t have to prove to you that he is funny.  He already knows it.  You are just along for the ride.


            Garie’s act is polished without looking rehearsed.  He has the confidence to riff with the audience, pick up the guitar and belt out a song or two, tell a side-splitting story or rattle off a series of well-crafted jokes… whatever the situation calls for.  He is comfortable no matter where the show takes him.  A Garie Lewis comedy show is like a Sunday drive down a country road.  There may be a few bumps, some twists and turns, but if you get hurt on this journey, it was your own damn fault


.Garie doesn’t rely on vulgar material and he isn’t going to preach to you.  He has opinions, sure… in fact, he has a very defined point of view.  But he won’t attack you or belittle you, or confuse you with fancy talk or vague references to things you have never considered.  Garie doesn’t just tell you jokes,  he metaphorically drapes his arm around your shoulders and pulls you into his confidence.  He confesses his soul and makes you feel safe, and you know you have found your new best friend.  He’s genuine.  He’s real.  He’s Garie Lewis.


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Garie has been a contestant on both Last Comic Standing and Showtime’s Funniest Person in Iowa Contest.  He has performed at the Snow Jam Comedy Festival and has television appearances on Comedy Gallery Live and Night Shift with Kevin Ferguson.  He starred in the Indie short film “The Ghost in Her” and has several theater acting credits to his name.  In the 37 (!!!) years since he first told jokes on a stage he has worked with such notable acts as Steven Wright, Tommy Chong, Steve Harvey, Credence Clearwater "Revisited" and former presidential candidate/comedian Pat Paulsen.


            Garie genuinely loves performing stand up.  Whether it’s a comedy club, a huge theatre crowd or a handful of friendly folks at a small hole in the wall honky-tonk, it’s all the same to him.  He doesn’t need to be famous to be happy… though it would be nice…. he just needs a microphone and a handful of willing patrons who are ready for the time of their lives.  He’s not going to try to impress you with tricks and he isn’t going to dazzle you with nonsense.  He doesn’t need tricks.  He’s Garie Lewis.

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